Spanish and French Tutor offering lessons in Newham, East & Central London.

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Your Tutor:

My name is Ismael.  I’m a very experienced Spanish & French tutor living in Newham, East London. I can help you learn or improve Spanish or French 1-2-1 with the right support in a fun atmosphere.

Why I’m the right tutor for you?

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  • I know how to teach – so that YOU can learn a language as quickly as possible. Having studied language teaching at university, having lived in France and being a Spanish native from Malaga helps me help you. 
  • Lessons are tailor made to you and what you need. As a result you will learn as quickly and efficiently as possible!
  • Years of experience in 1 to 1 tuition and small groups tuition. Thanks to this I know what your likely weaknesses are and how to help you improve your language skills ASAP.

Some of my previous students are: primary school students, GCSE students, A-level students, university students, young professionals, mature professionals, business professionals and retired students.

  • School students: I have worked as a GCSE, A level and younger years teacher in the past. I am a great help for exam preparation and am familiar with the curriculum.
  • I will guide you in your learning, solve any doubts, give you plenty of practice and homework to improve and point you to online language resources such as Duolingo or Wordreference– Practice makes perfect!


I can teach in my home or any other place you prefer, like your home or a coffee shop, and my standard charge is £50 for a quality 1-2-1 lesson.

Contact me:

You can use my contact form, email me at language@idealtuition.co.uk, or text me on 07523389284.

Check the relevant French tuition or Spanish tuition section to find out more about how I can help you!


Reasons to study French / Spanish:

  • French or Spanish can be an advantage for work.
  • Going on holiday to France, Spain, Latin America.. and being able to understand and communicate in their language!
  • Building up on the Spanish or French studied at school.
  • Extra help for your children with French or Spanish. I can help to stretch a GCSE / A level writing, speaking, listening or reading coursework from say a 4 to a 7+.
  • Just needing some conversational practice or to improve certain skills, even if you have a language base already.