Language Learning Resources

Great for learning both Spanish and French.
Pros: you practise and learn Spanish and French like on a game.
Cons: it can teach some some sentences that are not super useful.

Best online dictionary there is.
Pros: lots of different meanings for any words you can search and lots of examples.
Cons: some language expressions may not be included… eg “it’s raining cats and dogs” in Spanish or French!

Best translator online.
Pros: can be a life saver for some tricky sentences or expressions which would be difficult to understand in a different way.
Cons: you won’t learn as much if you rely on the translator too much. Dictionary > Translator!

Best grammar interactive conjugator online.
Pros: lots of practice in different tenses. You can filter only regular verbs, only irregular verbs, etc.
Cons: it will mark an answer as wrong just because of a missing accent, so it is super strict!

Do you know any other resources that should be listed here? Let me know in the comments below!

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